Bobbie Banks

The School service program is operated under the Federally Funded National School Lunch Act of (1966), as amended. The federal laws regulating the school food service programs are administered by USDA and implemented with the State of Mississippi by the State Department of Education. The program’s objective is to improve the health of students by providing well balanced, nutritious foods while at the same time enhancing nutrition education for the students.

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Bobbie Banks
Food Services Director



Menus for Senatobia Municipal School District are planned based on Mississippi Cycles II, a customized menu system. Mississippi Cycles II was designed to give Mississippi students appealing and healthful lunches. The menu system was developed by the University of Southern Mississippi under contract with the Mississippi Department of Education.

Students have the opportunity to enjoy lunches filled with a variety of food selections. Each day students in grades K-12 are offered choices of entrees, vegetables, fruit and breads. New foods are introduced to stimulate their taste buds and interest in school lunch while providing nutritious meals for academic achievement. The Offer Versus Serve provision is offered in all grades. This allows for students to decline meal items if they wish.