The following rules and regulations are to be observed by students who ride a bus to and from school:

  1. Be at your assigned loading zone on time.
  2. Exercise extreme caution in getting to and from your assigned bus stop.
  3. Wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops.
  4. Look in both directions before stepping from behind parked cars.
  5. Stay well off the roadway until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver indicates that it is safe to board.
  6. Do not play on or near the road while waiting for the bus to arrive.
  7. Wait in an orderly line and avoid horseplay at bus stops.
  8. Look in both directions before crossing any roadway.
  9. Never walk on the road when there is a sidewalk or pathway.
  10. Always walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic and stop off the road when a motor vehicle approaches.
  11. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before trying to load or unload.
  12. Use handrails while getting on and off the bus.
  13. If possible, wear white or light colored clothing or carry a flashlight when walking on the roadway at night.
  14. When you must cross the road to enter the bus or after leaving the bus, always cross in front of the bus.
  15. Refrain from leaving or boarding the bus at locations other than the assigned stops at home or at school.


Students shall not:

  1. Fight or scuffle on the bus.
  2. Smoke.
  3. Use profane language or make crude gestures.
  4. Bring weapons or other unauthorized articles on the bus.
  5. Destroy school property.
  6. Consume beverages, chew gum, or food on the bus.
  7. Litter on the bus.
  8. Be rude to the bus driver.
  9. Disobey the bus driver.
  10. Stand or move about when the bus is in motion. (This is dangerous.)
  11. Distract the driver’s attention other than when necessary.
  12. Talk in a loud tone. (Do not talk or make unnecessary noise when the bus is approaching
  13. and crossing a railroad or highway intersection.)
  14. Extend head, hands, and articles outside the bus windows.
  15. Bother other students in any way.
  16. Move from seat to seat while the bus comes to a full stop. (Go directly to an available or
  17. assigned seat when entering the bus.)
  18. Throw or pass objects on, from, or into the bus.
  19. Enter or exit through the emergency door, except in an emergency situation.