There is a definite correlation between proper grooming, dress, and good conduct. Clothing and general appearance are to be appropriate for school.  Cleanliness and good grooming are essential for appropriate appearance.  Clothing and jewelry that could cause a disturbance or interfere with the instructional program will not be allowed.  In addition, clothing or jewelry that could cause a safety or health hazard will not be allowed.  SCHOOL OFFICIALS WILL DETERMINE THE APPROPRIATENESS, INAPPROPRIATENESS, AND CLEANLINESS OF CLOTHING. 

Each student’s dress should be in keeping with the following principles:


  1. No combs, picks, rollers, or sunglasses are allowed on the head.
  2. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed at a reasonable length.
  3. No facial jewelry other than earrings in the ear is allowed.  Threatening jewelry or jewelry that can be used as a weapon may not be worn.
  4. Hats, caps, hoods, bandanas, headbands, or other head coverings are not allowed.  Toboggans may be worn outside during cold weather as directed by the administration.  Head coverings prescribed by a physician for medical reasons must be approved by the administration.
  5. Clothing should not be transparent, excessively tight, or indecent.  Spandex or stretch knit articles are not allowed. For students in grades 4-12 jeggings, leggings, and spaghetti strap tops are not allowed.
  6. For students in grades 7 -12 no writing, drawings, or pictures are allowed on shirts, jackets, and pants with the exception of Warrior Wear. Shirts, jackets, and pants with multiple logos or designs are not allowed.
  7. Shirts and other tops for students in grades 7-12 must have a collar, buttons, and sleeves.  Turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts may be worn.  Beginning in middle school boys must tuck their shirts into their pants.
  8. Girl’s shirts, blouses, and other tops that expose the midriff, any part of the bust, excessive part of the back, or are excessively tight or distracting are not permitted.  Blouses/tops made to be worn outside should be at least three inches below the waistline and not longer than five inches below the waistline.  If a female student wears a shirt that is longer than five inches below the waistline, she must tuck in her shirt.  No slits in shirts are to be above the waistline of the pants.
  9. Approved Warrior wear clothing (jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) may be worn every day.  Jerseys, t-shirts, and polo shirts must still be tucked into the pants.  Warrior Wear is manufactured clothing that promotes the Senatobia Municipal School District.  “Homemade” Warrior Wear clothing is not permitted.
  10. Pants are to be worn at the waistline.  Sagging is not allowed.  Belts must be worn and buckled appropriately for pants with belt loops.
  11. For grades 7-12 no jogging suits, fleece sweat pants, pajama pants, and wind suit pants, Sweat pants other than warrior wear is not permitted. Pants that have snaps down the side for quick removal are not permitted.  Casual wear (wind suit or velour) is acceptable if lined and loose fitting.
  12. Walking shorts should not be excessively tight or baggy.  The length of the shorts should be no shorter than three (Jr./Sr. high) and four (elementary and middle) inches above the top of the knee.  Athletic shorts and swimming trunks are not permitted.
  13. Skirts and dresses must extend to the top of the knee. Slits may extend no more than three inches (3”) above the top of the knee. (For Jr./Sr. High Students)  Elementary and Middle school student’s skirts and dresses must not exceed four inches from the knee.
  14. Shoes must be worn and fastened appropriately.  House shoes are not allowed.
  15. Clothing with holes above the knee may not be worn.  Cut-off clothing without a hem (shorts, skirts, capris, etc.) is not permitted.
  16. Oversized clothing, oversized coats may not be worn.  Sweatshirts (other than Warrior Wear) may not be worn by Jr./Sr. high students.  All inclement weather clothing (jackets, coats, etc.) must be unzipped and/or unbuttoned while in the school buildings.  If a jacket or coat is longer than 5 inches below the waistline, the student must place that item of clothing in his / her locker during the school day.
  17. Clothing that contributes to an unsafe atmosphere or affects the health, welfare, or safety of our students is prohibited.  Clothing that reflects or promotes gangs or gang activity, Gothic, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex, or vulgarity is prohibited.
  18. Specific outfits designated for extracurricular activities may be worn as directed by the coach/sponsor with approval from an administrator.