Listed below are some useful links that can be used at school or home.

Teachers Handbook 2021-2022

Teachers Handbook for the 2021-2022 school year.

Teachers 2021-2022 Pay Scale.

Teachers 2021-2022 Pay Scale

SBAC Employee Training Presentation

PowerPoint SBAC Employee Training Presentation.

Request for Professional Leave

SMSD Request for Professional Leave.

Teacher Request for Transfer

Teacher Request for Transfer.

FERPA Training Site

Login for FERPA training site.

Suicide Prevention Training Site

Login for Suicide Prevention Training Site. The employee must complete two hour course.

Instructions:  Choose the Two-Hour Course,  Module 5—Youth Suicide: “A Silent Epidemic”  Click View Course- there are Five Chapters with Review

Renaissance Place

Hosted, web-based, Accelerated Reader software. Take Quizes, Access AR Reports.

Sam 7
Student Administration Manager – Attendance, Grade Book, District Reports, and more.


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