The Senatobia-Tate County Career Technical Center opened it’s doors to high school students in the fall of 1984. We have since seen many graduates leave the area and begin their lives with the basic knowledge of what type of career path they would like to travel. Many of our students have become Nurses, Dental Assistants, Business Owners, Career leaders and yes, Teachers.

We know the competitive edge that this educational environment encourages, instills, and develops in each and every student that attends the center. We teach the Students to accept nothing less than the best of themselves. Knowing that they can learn and achieve the goals that we set for them.

The programs available at the Senatobia-Tate County Career Technical Center are designed to be two-year programs in which students can receive 2 Carnegie units per year.

Our objective at the Center is to help integrate academic and career and technical education into a well rounded learning experience for our students.