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Welcome to the Senatobia Elementary School Library!

My goal in the library is to help your child

develop a love of reading.



Kindergarten My biggest goal with kindergarten students is to develop skills for book care and love of reading. At this time, kindergarten students will not be checking out books.

1st – 6th Grade: While your child is in the library for activity, he/she will have the opportunity to check out books and work with various table center activities. Students are allowed to keep their books for two weeks, but they can be turned in earlier if desired. Certain grades are allowed to take AR tests while in the library activity.

There will be Scholastic Book Fairs at different times in the school year. I will send information home with the students about dates and times. This in an amazing fund raiser for our library.

Please contact the school office if you need my assistance. 

Thank you!

Shelly Embrey, School Librarian