For Trevor Banks, having a dream that also allows him to make a difference is essential. In fact, he says: “If you want, you have to give.” More than just the “anything worth having is worth working for” motivational speech, Trevor knows that you can’t fully appreciate a gift, until you’ve been the giver.

Born in Memphis and raised in Senatobia, Mississippi, Trevor had parents who gave him a strong foundation of giving back. His mom, a Food Service Director for Senatobia schools, and his dad, a Memphis Parole Officer and Pastor, encouraged him, taught him the importance of education and helped him to grow a strong faith. He received emotional support from both parents, but he credits his mom for keeping his dreams alive.

As a stand-out basketball player for his Senatobia high school, Trevor was recruited to attend Motlow State Community College in middle Tennessee. Just seven days into his college practice season, a break to his tibia sent him to surgery, seven weeks in the bed, and a probable end to his basketball career. While his injury put him down, Trevor’s parents and his faith kept his spirits up and told him it was time for plan B. His dad encouraged him towards a legal career; his mom pointed him towards a medical career.

But it was ASU Mid-South that gave him the opportunity to literally get back on his feet. He completed an online recruiting questionnaire for Mid-South and when the coaches showed interest, he showed up for open tryouts. And what the coaches saw impressed them.

Now a 21 year-old sophomore leader and Greyhounds co-captain, Trevor takes responsibility for giving back to his team on and off the court. When younger players have a hard time learning plays, it’s Trevor who helps out. When his teammates need personal encouragement, it’s Trevor they turn to. “Sometimes all you can give is your time and your interest in what someone else is going through,” says Trevor. “I don’t have a lot of money, but I do have a strong desire to make a difference.”

Trevor Banks helps us define #GivingTuesday, the day that traditionally kicks off the holiday giving season. Giving back includes giving time, giving support, giving talents and even giving a voice. “There are so many people in my life who’ve given to me -my parents, my pastor, my sister. And now there are so many wonderful people at ASU Mid-South who’ve made me part of their mission. Faculty and staff, coaches…even the Chancellor has made a difference in my life.”

Trevor hopes to graduate from ASU Mid-South this spring and then on to a four-year school for his bachelor’s degree. He wants to play professional basketball. He wants it badly. And while his career still is uncertain, Trevor is doing what it takes. He is giving. Because if you want, you have to give.